Surviving Being Celiac...One Place at a Time

Author: Leah Wright

Afternoon Tea Party

Yesterday, our family set up a formal tea party! Completely gluten free, of course! We pulled out my great-grandmother’s formal china made in 1920, real silver silverware, table cloth, place mats and napkins. We all got dressed up and made actual invitations to give to each “guest” attending!

We lined the stairs with stuffed animals to allow the girls, Kellen is 8 and Korra is 6, to have a royal guard to escort them to the tea party. Kellen invited her sick puppy and purple blanket to sit next to her and Korra invited her monkey and Minnie Mouse blanket to sit next to her!

We served cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches, egg salad with crackers, deviled eggs with bacon, chocolate mint cookies and port wine filled chocolate (for adults only). And of course, mint tea!

Nic & Norman’s – Senoia, GA

BnCR: safe but just ok

Nic & Norman’s is a burger joint with a few other upscale options. The atmosphere is pretty and service is ok. The restaurant is owned by two of the actors from The Walking Dead. I had a bison burger with a gf bun that tasted like it was previously frozen and an attempt at roasted Brussels sprouts with goat cheese on top.

I did have to ask the waiter to double check the sauce that was on the side to be sure it was gf; he then came back and took the sauce off my plate saying they weren’t sure.

Over all not a tasty meal…just food.

Under Kastanjen – Stockholm, Sweden

BnCR:  Wonderful and Safe!

While in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2018, I finally found a restaurant, Under Kastanjen, that has gluten free Swedish Meatballs!  I was so excited and they were amazing!  They also have a separate gluten free kitchen where they make wonderful gluten free desserts of a large variety!  While Under Kastanjen is difficult to find, I very much recommend making the effort to finding this small restaurant.

Gluten Free Lemon Cake
Gluten Free Swedish Meatballs

The Wobbly Olive – Colorado Springs, CO

BnCR:  Safe and Acceptable

The staff seems very knowledgeable and friendly but there isn’t a large gluten free menu.  The first time we went to The Wobbly Olive,  we had and outstanding pork chop paired with beautifully balanced beverages.  The second time we dinned we had a mediocre roasted  chicken that was over cooked and over priced.

While we may give this restaurant a third try, it will be to enjoy the excellent adult libations.

A Hereford Beefstouw – Copenhagen, Denmark

BnCR:  Not Excellent but Safe

In June 2018, Jason and I went to A Hereford Beefstouw where we both ordered steaks.  Overall we felt the food was safe and care was taken but the quality of the food was poor.  They did have gluten free rolls that were tasty but our steaks has to be re-cooked three different times as they were over cooked each time.  The wait staff also seemed grumpy that they had any customers at all.

On a side note, when speaking to a local from Denmark, he said that if an American wants a good steak to go back to America.  Apparently, Denmark is not known for their steaks.

Mazzolis – Kobenhavn, Denmark

BnCR:  Safe but Avoid

In June, 2018, Jason I went to Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark to eat at Mazzolis within the amusement park.  While the park is beautiful and seems to have many restaurants to offer, we apparently selected the worst restaurant for gluten free options.  While we did not get sick, this is one of the worst meals we have ever had!  They have 1 gluten free pasta that seemed frozen and reheated and the gluten free pizza came out wet and soggy; this is the first time I have ever seen soupy pizza!  Both of these dishes tasted terrible and the wait staff seemed to know it.

Il Grappolo Blu, Copenhagen, Denmark

BnCR: Worth Every Penny

Hello hungry freinds!

On June 7, 2018, Jason and I visited the wonderful Il Grappolo Blu restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark!  The food, service and atmosphere are amazing and absolutely gluten free!  The owner’s daughter is celiac.  We had the five course tasting menu which included gluten free bread, 10 different anti-pasta dishes, gluten free ravioli, lamb chops and chocolate cake.  Each course was paired with a different wine.  While this was the most expensive meal I have ever eaten, it was also the best!

Gluten free bread

Gluten free ravioli

Lamb Chop


10 anti-pasta dishes